Choke Modification



In an attempt to remove more wires & cables from the handle bars, I moved the choke activation assembly below the right side of the tank. This modification was originated by HARMSIE. I followed his idea and instructions to complete this modification. I used lots of photos, so it may take a minute to load for you poor unfortunate dial up folks. I feel for you! The modification is simple and straight forward. It took me about three hours to complete the entire project.

However, if you are going to run wires through your handle bars, be sure you do this modification first. Otherwise, like me, you will have to modify (cut the thumb push off and sand smooth) the original choke knob instead of replacing it with the adapter listed below.

The following chart is a list of the parts required for this project. The cost are from I do not guarantee the prices to still be accurate. Contact them to find out current cost.

Part Number Description QTY Cost
17950-MBA-000 Cable Comp, Choke 1 $22.34
17962-MR1-000 Adapter 1 $8.57
12295-MBA-000 Stay, Choke Cable 1 $2.48
Total: $33.39
6 mm bolt 1 $0.00
6 mm nut 1 $0.00

1. Remove the seat.
2. Remove the gas tank. Be sure to turn off the fuel, remove the fuel line, and remove the vent line before attempting to lift the tank off.

3. Remove the right side frame cover.

4. Disassemble the left side switch housing. Remove all of the electronics from the bottom half. All of the pieces are held down by small screws. Disconnect the choke cable from the black plastic choke knob. Unscrew the choke cable from the lower half of the housing.

5. Remove the left grip from the handle bar. Slide the old choke knob off the handle bar. Slide the new adapter (17962-MR1-000) onto the handle bar. (My adapter came in gray so I painted it black with spray paint. Use something that will stick to plastick) Re-assemble the electronics in the lower half of the switch housing. Put the switch housings back together with the adapter in place of the old choke knob. Align the tab on the lower half with the hole in the handle bar. Put the left side grip back on the handle bar. Now, doesn't that look nice! However, a lot of work is yet to be done.
6. Gently, pull the end of the choke cable through the right side frame cover.

7. Remove the choke cable from the carbs. This is done by unscrewing the black plastic piece from the carb. Gently pull off the rubber 90 degree boot that covers the plastic piece. It will slide off and give you better access to the plastic piece. Then remove the needle and spring from the cable. It will fall off if not carefully handled. The plastic piece will also come off. Do this for both sides. (On the left side, there is a bracket that holds the cable near the frame. Gently push the cable out of this bracket to provide some slack in the cable. Don't forget to put it back in the bracket during installation. It appears that the cable might interfere with the throttle if not held in place. Can't have that!)

8. Remove the choke cable mounting bracket from the right side frame. The bolt is beneath the wires. Then take the choke cable out of the bracket.

9. The large section that was held by the bracket is a plastic tube. Inside the tube is an adapter that connects the two cables coming from the carbs to the single cable going to the choke knob. Roll back the rubber boots on the carb side of this tube. It should turn inside out on the cables. Pull the black plastic tube from the cables. They just snap together. Inside the tube you will see the white plastic adapter with three cables attached to it. Remove the two carb cables from the adapter and set the knob side cable somewhere out of the way. You are done with it.

10. Disassemble the new choke cable assembly. It is slightly different than the stock Sabre piece. Roll back the rubber boot that is on the knob side of the plastic tube. The end snaps off the tube. Slowly pull the pieces apart until the white adapter piece is visible. Remove the choke side cables from the adapter. Set the knob cable down. Roll the rubber boot back on the carb cable side of the tube and pull the two cables out of the plastic tube. Pull the rubber boot off the two carb cables and set the carb cables out of the way. They will not be used.

11. Remove the rubber boot from the two original carb cables and replace it with the new rubber boot.

12. Place the new plastic tube over the original carb cables. Push the cables firmly into place. Move the rubber boot over the plastic piece to hold the tube in place.
13. The carb cables will need to be pulled outside the new plastic tube so that they can be attached to the adapter. To do this, push the cable from the carb end as far as possible. It will go up inside the rubber boot. Using a needle nose pliers gently pull the cable out enough to attach it to the adapter. Do this for the other side, too.
14. Route the new knob cable over the front cylinder and up through the frame. If you look close in the following picture, you can see the cable running over the front cylinder.
15. Put a little grease inside the plastic tube before proceeding.

16. Attach the two carb cables to the white plastic adapter. Then slide the adapter into the plastic tube. The cables will need to be pushed back towards the carbs. Using a small screwdriver, push both cables and the adapter as far as possible into the tube. This is necessary to re-attach the cables to the carbs.
17. Frimly push the tube into the rubber boot of the knob cable. It should not come apart easily.

18. Re-attach the carb cables to the carbs. Put the plastic nut, spring, and needle back on the cable. Slide the needle back in the carb and thread the plastic nut back into the carb. Be careful not to cross thread the nut. Push the 90 degree boot back on the plastic nut. Be sure to put the left side cable back in the bracket to keep it out of the throttle.
19. Verify that the cables move freely by pulling on the new choke knob.
20. Re-attach the choke braket to the frame. Place the new plastic tube into the braket and secure it with a plastic tie. The tube is smaller than the original and will not stay in the bracket.

21. Put the right side frame cover back on the bike.
22. Put the fuel tank back on the bike. Reattach the vent tube and the fuel line.
23. Put the seat back on the bike.
24. Mount the new choke stay (small black bracket) (12295-MBA-000) on the choke knob. The large black plastic nut on the knob unscrews and the stay slides onto the knob and is held in place by the nut.
25. Attach the choke stay to the tab that is on the frame using the 6mm bolt and nut.

26. Start the bike and check for proper choke operation.